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Make Sure Mondays Don’t Suck.

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GKG is leading the way in pairing difference making leaders with organizations in need of cultural change. With expertise sourcing talent from managerial positions to the C-Suite, GKG is guided by the belief that leaders have one job: to build a culture that high performers want to join. Whether it’s attracting the perfect fit that exceeds expectations, revamping cultures using Eric Harkins’ revolutionary LEAD framework to ensure that top performers want to stay, or helping develop your leadership group into engaged executives who build relationships on integrity and trust, Harkins and his team at GKG put the success of your people at the forefront of everything they do.

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Eric Harkins
About Eric Harkins

Eric Harkins is Reclaiming Mondays.

Eric Harkins has been on the wrong side of a toxic corporate culture. He knows what it’s like to trudge into work on a Monday morning, dreading the week ahead. Today, he is helping leaders across the country realize their untapped potential by creating offices, cultures, and Mondays that don’t suck.

As the founder of GKG, Eric is dedicated to amplifying the voices, strategies, and attitudes that create workplaces worthy of true A-players—and weeding out people and things that sink organizations.


What Are You Doing to Ensure Monday Morning Doesn't Suck?

As a leader you have one job: create an office that people do not dread coming into on Monday. Sounds simple, right? Well, the hard truth is that you are probably working against this in some way. Too many people think their Mondays suck—and they probably do. However, this is not a given. If you actually think that people are, on some level, hardwired to hate coming to work, you don’t deserve to lead.

Now is the time to make a change, to take that leap of faith and say, “I think my team should look forward to being here.” It’s a mindset but it is also a method. There are practical steps you can take today that will change the course of your business and career.

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It’s time to stop pretending that Mondays are the problem. If your business is struggling to attract, keep, and grow high performers, it’s not merely a matter of circumstance. You’ve got a culture problem that starts with leadership. At GKG, we understand the power culture has when it comes to the overall success of an organization and believe that no change is possible without unwavering buy-in from fully developed leaders. Don’t waste another minute moaning about Mondays. Get in touch with GKG today and transform your business!